Here in layout customization, you can set the layout for –

  • Global
  • Hader
  • Title bar
  • Blog (Post page)
  • Archive
  • Search results
  • Single post
  • Single page
  • Footer top
  • Footer


You can set the global site layout as wide or boxed. Set container layout as container or container fluid. You can add Container Min Widthwhich will be applicable only to container case for Container Layout. will also be applicable only to the container-fluid case for Container Layout.


Add content column and sidebar column from the option.



Here you will find different options to customize the header section –

Top Bar / Secondary Header Settings

Change Top Bar / Secondary header Related Settings, you can enable or disable the secondary header and choose the secondary header layout.  You can also add secondary header callout text.


Header and Menu Settings

Change the Header menu and related configuration settings from here. You can control the header and header menu height. After that, you can set where to show or hide the mobile menu, main and sub-menu alignment, color styles, and many more things.


Header Button Settings

Enable or disable the header button, add header button text, and link from here. You can also set the header button top and right padding and border-radius too.


Sticky Header Settings

Enable or disable sticky header, set sticky header height, and main menu height from here.


Transparent Header Settings

Change transparent header-related settings like –

You can also add a Transparent Header on specific pages too. You just need to e

Title bar

You can add a background image in your title bar.


Blog (Post page)

From here you can set the sidebar position as left or right. You can display the post as normal, medium, and grid. You can also show or hide the category and tag it in a blog post.

From here you can set the layout of your website blog post page. You can set the sidebar position as left or right or none and then set the style as –

  • Grid
  • Normal
  • Medium

You can show or hide the title bar, category, and tags.


Archives & Search result

Archive and search result features are the same. you can set the sidebar position as left, right, or none. You have also the option to show or hide the category and tag.


Single post & Single page

Single post and page options are also similar. You can set the sidebar position, and enable or disable the title bar for posts and pages. You can show and hide the feature image as well as enlarge the featured image width to the 100% width of the viewport/window.

Set the content alignment and show or hide the post title, category, and tags.


Footer top

Here you can add a background image as the footer container.


From here you can manage the Credit Top Button margin, show or hide the social icon and enable or disable the scroll to top and Inline Copyrights & Credits text.


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