Customize your website color from the color settings options. Here you will find a color setting for –

  • Global
  • Header
  • Main menu
  • Title container
  • Top Footer
  • Main Footer
  • Bottom Footer
  • Secondary Footer


Here from the global option, you can set global color for your website’s button, links, hover, form background, border, text, and content background color. This global color will be applicable anywhere in your website elements with the default color you set.

global color


  • The site Background color is used for the background color of the site, It will apply if the site layout is Boxed selected.
  • The content Background color is used for the background color of the site content
  • Sticky Post Background color is used for the background color of the sticky post archive layout
  • Gradient Stop color is used for gradient stop color that extends primary or secondary color


Set primary, secondary header, and header button background color, bottom border color, text color, and others from here.


Main menu

Control all color-related settings for menu items, sub-menu items, and mobile menus from here.


menu color

Title container

Add title container background color, text color, and border color.

Top Footer, Main footer, Bottom footer

Set background color, border color, heading color, text color, and other color-related settings.

footer color


Secondary Footer

Control social icons and Credit & Copyright Colors settings from here.


secondary footer

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